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Great Gifts Ideas for volleyball lovers dedicated to the games

The holiday season is just around the corner, and the optimistic ones have already started planning for their stocking stuffers. If there is a volleyball player in your life – be it a professional, a rookie, or a coach, giving them something dedicated to the games is always a go-to choice.

But, what if you have no idea what a gift dedicated to the game is supposed to be? Well, that’s where we come in.

In this article, we will give you some great volleyball gift ideas for players dedicated to the games. Starting from bracelets to custom office signs we have kept everything in mind. So, just keep on reading.

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Volleyball Gifts for Players

Buying a volleyball gift for a volleyball player is just as nerve-wracking as it sounds. Trust us, we know. What do you give to someone who lives and breathes Volleyball? Well, the simple answer is more volleyball

Get the volleyball player in your life something that makes their trade more comfortable for them. Something that they can get a lot of use from. Something that will always remind you of them.

Here are some of our best suggestions for Volleyball gifts for players. Ready?

Volleyball Shoes

volleyball shoes for a volleyball lover

Can you ever go wrong with buying volleyball shoes for a volleyball lover? An average pair of volleyball shoes would last a player a full season but they start losing their integrity towards the end. So, it’s best to have a backup.

When buying a volleyball show pay attention to the cushioning and stability of the shoe. If you know what size and model the player wears, that makes the purchase easy for you. 

But, if you don’t, you can always take them with you to buy the shoes. Or, get a gift card from a sportswear store if you want to keep it a surprise.

We do not recommend buying sports shoes without consulting the player since everyone has different preferences.

Ankle Stabilizer

Just to add a layer of extra stability to the already stabilizing pair of shoes. Ankle braces or stabilizers can be a lifesaver. It can elevate pain and give you a much more sure footing on the volleyball court.

Over time, players do get injuries and if that is the case with the person you’re buying gifts for, ankles stabilizers are a great option for you.

Gym Bag

Gym bags are essential

Gym bags are essential. Most professional players always have a bag packed and ready during an ongoing season. Like all sports gear, it is good to have a backup on gym bags too.

The player in your life is most likely taking this bag to their matches, pieces of training, and gym simultaneously. So it gets damaged fast. Give them something sturdy and of good quality and they will thank you wholeheartedly.

Training Gear

Volleyball Training Gear for women

Technically, shoes, ankle braces, gym bags are all part of training gear. But here we are talking about the more professional tidbits that can help a player supercharge their training.

Something like a practice volleyball net for a striker, a set of passing sleeves for a libero, etc. You can get electronic jump counters for volleyball players too, it’d keep them on track with their training.

This is where you get to really personalize your gift to the necessities of the player.

Water Bottles

Volleyball Engraved Water Bottles

The end all be all of all sports-themed gifts. There is no athlete who doesn’t need a sturdy water bottle. And water bottles aren’t meant to be everlasting so changing them up is a wise decision.

When you have nothing else in mind get the volleyball player a waterfall. If you have extra cash to spare you can even give them a thermally insulated water bottle to keep their drinks cold.

Volleyball Gifts for Girls

A very special woman in your life is wagering her success out on the court. And, you are so proud of her that you want to show it through a present. But, you just don’t know where to start.

Well, don’t you worry. We are here with some fail-safe volleyball gifts for girls who love beach volleyball

Custom Graphic Tee

Custom Graphic Tee

There is an abundance of sports-themed graphic t-shirts. It is always a good gift, a fail-safe one if you will. To make it more special you can get it custom made in her jersey colours or with her jersey number. 

Volleyball Bracelet

volleyball themed bracelet

You cannot go wrong with a staple volleyball themed bracelet. Girls like accessories and a bracelet are the easiest accessory that they can pair with any outfit. It will remind them of their sport when they are off court and it will be an endless encouragement from your end.

Enamel Pin

An enamel pin is both a great accessory and an amazing gift

An enamel pin is both a great accessory and an amazing gift. Girls who are fashion-forward will definitely appreciate a good enamel pin. You can get many quirky and fun volleyball themes enamel pins online. Or, you can get one customized with the name of their team and colours.

Volleyball Stickers

Volleyball Stickers

A set of volleyball theme stickers to personalize everything from their notebooks to their laptop will be a lovely perfect gift for any volleyball girl. It will let them show off their pride in their sport as well as give them a chance to decorate the way they like. 

Themed Pouch Set

Themed Pouch Set fo Volleyball lovers

Female volleyball players need to carry a lot of things on them. Starting from gear to medicine to small tidbits. Instead of cramming everything in their gym bag, get them a pouch set to keep them organized. 

Volleyball Keyring

Volleyball Keyring

A no-brainer gift. There are many thematic volleyball keyrings you can find. If your girl has a special colour that she likes you can go with that. It will keep her organized, and add a pop of colour and fun to her school ensemble. 

Volleyball Gifts for Guys

Now, let’s talk about what to get for guys who are playing volleyball. If you are a volleyball mom it is most likely that you are confused about what to get your son for your birthday.

It is not that slippery of a slope, but if you still want some direction, we are here for you. Here are some of the best volleyball gifts for guys-

Custom Charm

custom charm with their jersey number

A custom charm with their jersey number is bound to be special. Get it made in a way that can be used either with a bracelet or a keyring. A jersey is a thing of pride, especially the first number they wear on the court. It is a great gift that any guy playing volleyball will cherish.

Sneaker Balls

Sneakers Ball

All volleyball players know what a massive holy grail this is. Sneaker balls are literally air fresheners for your shoes. So, your volleyball player will get a lot of use out of these sneaker balls during an active season. It gets rids of the sneaker smell and leaves behind a pleasant scent.

A Custom Collage

Custom Collage

No gift is better than the gift of memories. If you can put together a collage of your volleyball player’s best moments, news cutouts, clipping of their club photos, it will surely make for a great festive gift. You can even get in touch with their friends to add some personalized notes to the collage.

Foam Roller

foam roller

A good foam roller will help a player train and stretch better. A high-density foam roller goes a long way in relieving muscle tightness, and soreness. It will help the volleyball player in your life stay up to beat and healthy while they go through tough training sessions.


Another great gym essential. If the volleyball player in your life is just starting out as a player, they probably need a lot of time in the gym. You cannot ace the game without being fit. Get them a set of sturdy, heavy-bass headphones so they can get in the groove and train better.

Volleyball Gift for Coaches

As much as I’d like to say the best gift you can give your volleyball coach is more practice hours on court, we all know that is easier said than done. So, let’s look at some other gifts to show your gratitude to your coach, shall we?

A “Best Coach” Mug

Best Coach Mug

We know, we know! How cliche, but hear us out. It will never get old to appreciate the person behind your unrelenting success. It is a good staple gift and maybe it will shake a laugh out of your coach. Give it a try.

Personalized Tumbler

Personalized Tumbler

Take it a step further from the best coach mug and get your coach a personalized tumbler. A tumbler that comes insulated will keep a drink hot or cold. It will be a great addition to your coach’s court runs.

Engraved Key Chain

Coaches are lugging around keys to courts, gyms, locker rooms. And the organization is the last thing on their mind when going through a rough season. Get your coach an engraved metal keychain. He will never lose his keys again and nor will he mix it up with other keyrings.


Getting a scratch-proof stainless whistle for your coach is the next best thing

Getting a scratch-proof stainless whistle for your coach is the next best thing. A whistle with a band so your coach doesn’t lose it. If you have the spare money, you can find a whistle that you can get engraved with the word “coach” or your coach’s name. 

Personalized Clipboard

Personalized Clipboard

We have seen them time and time again. The coach running around with his handy clipboard is an image as old as time. Bank on that image and get your coach a personalized keyboard. He will cherish it and use it all year round.

Custom Coach Sign

A vintage old-timey sign for his office will make a great gift. These custom signs do come slightly pricey so keep that in mind. It can be a great gift from the whole volleyball team to your coach. It will look classy and stay as a souvenir in his office even when the team has moved on.

Photo Frame

Not just any photo frame, a gratitude photo frame. Attach a photo of a volleyball match you won, a match you are proud of, and frame it. As a cherry on top, add a thank you note within the frame. Gratitude memorabilia from a team will be more valuable to a coach than any trophy ever could.

A Set of Sports Movies

Get your coach a collection of all the classic sports movies. A movie bundle he can use during the holidays and special occasions. It will undoubtedly become one of his most prized possessions.

Personalized Ball

Choose a picture of any game from the season that your coach will be proud of, and get it laser printed on a ball. This will become memorabilia volleyball for years to come. It will commemorate a wonderful season with a wonderful team.


This goes for everyone but mostly your coach, if you don’t know what to get them, get them a gift card. Choose a sportswear or gear shop around your locality, or online and get a gift card from them.

This will let your coach buy whatever he needs or wants at the moment and cut you the hassle of having to figure it out.

Final Verdict

And, with that, we have reached the end of this article. That is all we have to offer you as far as volleyball themed gifts go. But, remember this is just a baseline of what a game dedicated gift could look like. 

Feel free to play around with your own gift idea and come up with something that your particular volleyball player would love and cherish. Good Luck!

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